With its rich experience gained from the last two decades of operation, and the experience added from ESCO business through one of its earlier group ventures, Global Energy Private Limited today offers a complete bouquet of energy management services ranging from economically cheaper sources of power on the supply side to cost effective use of power through identification and implementation of energy efficiency projects on the ESCO model on the demand side. GEPL has also been instrumental in designing the ESCerts trading platform as a supporting partner to BEE.


Provide cost effective power supply options to clients and help them to understand how effectively energy is being used in their facility and then design solutions to optimize the sustainability of the facility through cost effective energy efficiency measures, provide implementation services on a performance contract and ensure that the client saves energy costs.



  • Trading as well as facilitation for purchase and supply of firm and infirm power under open access mechanism (collective/bilateral/captive mode) to retail consumers. Including wheeling and banking
  • Supply of firm power to DISCOMs
  • Supply of infirm power to DISCOMs for fulfillment of their RPO’s or under APPC
  • Load analysis to optimize consumer’s benefit under open access
  • Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) Transaction Management – Accreditation/Registration/Issuance/ Trading/Warehousing
  • Power on Credit – For Electricity Bills


  • Walkthrough Energy Audit (WTA)

Onsite high end analysis to cognize the performance of the facility in terms of its energy consumption. The outcome of the walkthrough audit is the realization of energy saving potential in the facility and identification of areas which requires detailed study.

  • • Energy consumption share of the facility
  • • Potential for energy saving
  • • Preliminary analysis of energy efficiency projects
  • Detailed Energy Audit (DEA)

Through Detailed Energy Audit, we offer detailed onsite analysis to establish energy consumption pattern of the facility. DEA provides high level of monitoring and measurement, in-depth analysis to assess the energy performance together with identification of ENCONs (Energy Conservation Opportunities). Key deliverables of DEA include:

  • • 24/7 monitoring of the key areas
  • • Energy Consumption Pattern of the facility
  • • Detailed techno-economic feasibility study for identified ENCONs
  • Investment Grade Detail Project Report (IGDPR)

IGDPR is a detailed techno-economical document prepared for the energy efficiency projects prior to implementation. IGDPR brings out direct and indirect effects of the project together with in-depth financial analysis. Key elements offered by GEPL through IGDPR are:

  • • Benchmarking of the system
  • • Detailed technical analysis including direct and indirect effects
  • • Detailed financial proposal of solutions, together with in-depth analysis of the solutions, profitability in terms of ROI and simple payback
  • Turnkey Implementation Under Performance Contract

We undertake full implementation of energy efficiency projects at the client’s facility. In addition to the development of strategies, to realize the reduction in operating costs, and to improve infrastructure, GEPL offers its Integrated Energy Management Services Agreement (IEMSA) for implementation of projects as an ESCO, wherein the projects are funded by the energy savings that the project creates. We offer following services under Turnkey Implementation:

  • • Full project management including Engineering, procurement and Construction
  • • Measurement and verification of savings
  • • Knowledge transfer and training of clients’ technicians
  • • Assistance throughout the contract period

We earn when the client saves!!

Additionally GEPL also provides the following services


GEPL sets up a customized online energy monitoring cloud based portal for its clients which provides real time monitoring of the energy usage as well as analyses and generates reports for the client to ensure the most energy efficient operation of the facility.


PAT is a regulatory instrument, framed under NMEEE of Government of India, to reduce specific energy consumption in energy intensive industries, with an associated market based mechanism to enhance the cost effectiveness through certification of excess energy saving which can be traded. Total 621 Designated Consumers (DC) from 11 different sectors are obliged to achieve the targets under this scheme. GEPL, through its PAT compliance services helps DCs in the following areas:

  • • Strategize and plan to achieve energy savings
  • • Facilitate Mandatory Energy Audit and M&V; audits as per the PAT rules
  • • Helps smoothening the documentation process and report preparation
  • • Trading of ESCerts as per the PAT rules